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Playback Shortcuts is a micro extension for Aseprite that provides customizable keyboard shortcuts for playing tagged animations, and a new option to play a sequence of tags one after another.

Concept for the extension by Daniele Lynx Lasalandra

Extension adds

  • New keyboard shortcuts for playing a tagged animation - Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, ..., Ctrl+9, where the number corresponds to the tag's order in a sprite, starting from the first frame
  • New keyboard shortcut for playing the entire animation, ignoring tags - Ctrl+0
  • New keyboard shortcut for playing previous/next tagged animation - Ctrl+, and Ctrl+.
  • New menu option - Frame > Tag Playback > Shortcuts... (for Aseprite v1.2, it's Frame > Tag Playback Shortcuts...), for customizing tags assigned to keyboard shortcuts
  • New menu option - Frame > Tag Playback > Sequence... (for Aseprite v1.2, this option is NOT available), for setting up a sequence of tags to be played one after another, this sequence can also be assigned to a keyboard shortcut


When using the extension with Aseprite v1.3, information about customized keyboard shortcuts, and tag sequences are stored inside the Aseprite file. This allows for restoring set configurations after reopening the file, even on a different device (given the extension is installed there as well).

However opening an Aseprite file containing extension data in Aseprite v1.2 will display an error - it has nothing to do with the image data and you can safely ignore it, just note that a file saved in this version will wipe the extension data (all information about the image is preserved).

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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AuthorKacper Woźniak
TagsAnimation, Aseprite, extension, Pixel Art, play, plugin, script, tag


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thank you! exactly what i needed