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Aseprite 95 is a retro theme for Aseprite, that brings back the classic UI of Windows machines from the 90s.

The theme comes in multiple standard variants:

  • Default
  • Teal
  • Desert
  • Spruce
  • Eggplant
  • Slate
  • Rainy Day
  • Rose
  • Lilac

And additional, dark variants:

  • Midnight
  • Gruvbox

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
AuthorKacper Woźniak
Tags95, 98, Aseprite, Pixel Art, Retro, theme, windows


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Aseprite 95 Theme v2.0 228 kB
Aseprite 95 Theme v1.0 103 kB

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I've been using this for a few months now and I'm never gonna change it anymore. Best theme ever <3

the perfect theme for me lol.


Glad you like it ✌️

This immediately brought an even bigger smile to my face when I saw it has some of the themes included with Windows 95.


It wouldn’t be an authentic experience without them ✌️

I love it.Just a little bit darker as option.


There will be a full-on Dark Mode in the next update (around the end of this month). ✌️


I love you.


Beutiful theme, any chance for a "dark mode" preset?


Dark Mode is actually in progress and will be out with an update in early June.

Honestly, beautiful theme.

I just signed up to leave this comment. This is amazing, I'm almost crying! Thanks for the theme, Kacper :D


Simply the greatest theme ever

It's so damn good, feels more usable than my last dark theme i forget what

The greatest theme.


Terrific set of themes. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this!

😍 😍 😍 😍

Couldn't get this to work for me unfortunately, does it work on the beta version of aseprite?

It absolutely should, it was tested on Aseprite v1.3-rc2, what version did you try it on? What issues did you face?

Doesn't work for me as well. I get the "Share crash data with Aseprite developer" prompt on the top right of the window when I activate the extension and then nothing seems to happen.

That’s really not good, what version if Aseprite are you using? When exactly does the crash occur?

I am using v1.3-rc2-x64 (STEAM version) running on Windows 10. There's no actual crash but as soon as I hit the "Apply" or "OK" buttons under the extensions tab a text with a checkbox appears on the main window. But other than that nothing happens. No crashes, no changes to the UI. I just checked again and that checkbox with text appearing on the main window seem to have nothing to do with your extension. It seems to happen regardless win95 skin extension is installed or not.  But it doesn't do any changes to the UI either.

What happens if you double-click on a theme variant in the properties?

Themes Tab




vaporwave as heck, i love it

This is absolutely beautiful. I'm not usually one to take the nostalgia bait but I'm in love.

HOORAY. I've been waiting for this!

I never downloaded something so fast in all my life!