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great looking characters.  Can I ask what size they are (eg 16x16) and is there a colour palette available?  Am considering purchasing to use in a RPG on an older 8 bit system.  Also any plans to release a bundle pack including the other animals?

All sprites are 16x16 pixels in size, and they use Pico-8 color palette.

Other animals are in a fully compatible, completely free pack. ✌

Can you put GIF off all the characters on the page? It would help people (like me)  it would help us consider buying it. 

I belive all characters are shown on this preview:


Thanks for your hard work on the update!

Thank you, it’s very nice to hear. 😅

hi, I really want to know what kind of animations these characters have? can you post demo all animation of 1 character?

All characters have a single walking animation for four-directional movement. Here’s a preview of one of the characters animated:


I used to want to buy this asset pack; I mean, I still do, but I used to too! Then I did; thanks, great work!

I hope It met your expectations. :)

Sure did! I love it.