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Fun little game! Loved the graphics and the puzzles were great.

Haven't played this game in awhile...I love the footprints in the dust detail

the puzzles are so cool

I’m very glad ✌

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I dont understand the ending what happens, why a sword what was the second door about??? but the games graphics were really nice


The ending is the hero leaving the dungeon, it just leaves the question of how they got into it unanswered. The sword was supposed to make you feel safer, it has no practical use, and you don’t even have to pick it up to finish the game. And the second door is not meant to be open, it’s where the old man came from, that’s why if you interact with it, it says you can see footprints coming on the other side.

I hope that answers your questions, and I’m glad you liked the graphics. ✌️


This comment has made the game such more of an experiance thank you 

This so cool and inspiring for creating in Bitsy ! Love the way you used the limitation of the engine to create your puzzles 

Really cool and atmospheric minigame. I absolutely like it

Wow! The atmosphere is really deep and I really liked the puzzles. A really good game.

Thanks! 😃

So cool and very atmospheric. Well done!

This was pretty cool. I liked it.


The puzzles are very well made..!

Thank you! 😃

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Hey, do you mind messaging me on discord (Animalization#5356) or emailing me at I'm really interested in making a game with you, please respond.

Is there just one ending

Yes, there’s only one ending. I didn’t expect anyone to play this game more than once so I never thought of alternate endings.


very fun! I feel like this could very easily be expanded into a full game! The only criticism I have is that I think you should focus on fixing (or optimizing) the code so that the animations and movement work smoothly.

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Thank you :) I'm glad puzzles weren't too tedious.


i dont get it, a guy dies then you just leave?

You take his key and then leave but yes, in short, that's exactly what happens.


This game was a huge inspiration for me, one of my favorite bitsy games to this day.

I don't remember if I noticed it the first time I played but using the sprite color for highlights in the environment was a great idea.


Thank you, I can't believe my work inspired someone to create! Using three chained colors was very useful but also added extra work to manage all sprites.

Also, I just played Vermilion Fall and I loved It. You composed your own great music, your dialogs were so much better than mine and I was amazed by the genius idea with partially visible corridors/labyrinth. Respect for the use of colors and the story. :)


Thank you, that really means a lot coming from someone who made something that inspired me so much.

I was honestly very nervous about that labyrinth. I was scared people would find it annoying to muddle through but I felt like it was important thematically for that section of the game.

I'm really glad you liked it, that makes me feel less unsure about the decision to include it.

Also I think you're writing in this game is a perfect fit for the the overall tone. One of the things I like most about this game is how well the visuals, the sound, the story, and the mechanics fit together.

The labirynth is a brilliant use of limited tools that are available in a Bitsy engine.

Now I want to make a new Bitsy game, I have some ideas noted since forever. :)

man these puzzles are really well made, how did you make those if I may ask?

It's a simple trick of seamless room switching that I learned from Midnight Dungeon, you can download code and open the game in Bitsy to see for yourself. Smoke and mirrors. :)

Quite a good idea. I'd like to see a longer game in the same setting. It would be a fun experience.

The puzzles (except for maybe the last one) were very good! I also really dig the visuals and the mysterious vibe. I recently discovered the Bitsy engine, but your work really stand out from the others I've seen.

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed It! :) Any chance you could elaborate on the last puzzle? Was It too tedious?

I love this! Such a classic feel and the art is really good!

Thank you so much!


Yo this is amazing. I love the atmosphere you've created and the puzzle was dope. Definitely learning from you.

Great work! You managed to build a couple really solid puzzles. Lighting the torches was really satisfying, too.

omg this is so good!!! i can totally see the inspiration from midnight dungeon! he interactivity of using the torch and pulling a lever is so brilliant! and the little puzzle at the end! just pure brilliance!! this was super fun!

Holy cow man, fantastic

So much fun! I didn't want it to end...

This is so good!I love how my actions change the rooms, especially the torch mechanic at the start. Really cool