Dark & Cold is an entry for Bitsy Game Jam for March 2018 with a theme - Archeology.

Music was created by Psionic Games.

I'd like to thank Adam Le Doux for creating Bitsy and two Bitsy games that inspired this entry:

Ghost of the bus stop by Adam Le Doux 

Midnight Dungeon by pixelartm


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Deleted post

Thank you very much posting this here!

man these puzzles are really well made, how did you make those if I may ask?

It's a simple trick of seamless room switching that I learned from Midnight Dungeon, you can download code and open the game in Bitsy to see for yourself. Smoke and mirrors. :)

Quite a good idea. I'd like to see a longer game in the same setting. It would be a fun experience.

The puzzles (except for maybe the last one) were very good! I also really dig the visuals and the mysterious vibe. I recently discovered the Bitsy engine, but your work really stand out from the others I've seen.

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed It! :) Any chance you could elaborate on the last puzzle? Was It too tedious?

I love this! Such a classic feel and the art is really good!

Thank you so much!


Yo this is amazing. I love the atmosphere you've created and the puzzle was dope. Definitely learning from you.

Great work! You managed to build a couple really solid puzzles. Lighting the torches was really satisfying, too.

omg this is so good!!! i can totally see the inspiration from midnight dungeon! he interactivity of using the torch and pulling a lever is so brilliant! and the little puzzle at the end! just pure brilliance!! this was super fun!

Holy cow man, fantastic

So much fun! I didn't want it to end...

This is so good!I love how my actions change the rooms, especially the torch mechanic at the start. Really cool