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Looks perfect. I always wanted draw like this but still i cant draw perfect like this.


will there be any action animations for this ?

None are planned at this point in time.


There are or will be battle animations? I would buy  this pack if it had battle animations. Regards.

They are considered but they will not be released soon, that's for sure.

Ok thanks.

Hi, congrats, it's a great sprite pack! Please can you tell me it the sprites has attack animation or just walk animation?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, all characters have only walk animations. :)

May I use it in commercial project? What is the license?

Yes, you can use It in a commercial project. I don't think there's a specific license in this pack right now, there was no need so far.

You can contact me via e-mail to clarify any details ( kac.wozniak[at] ).