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I love all the tiny sprites you have made. Out of curiosity is there a way to get a commission done? I would love one in this art style.

I’m glad you like this asset pack but I’m not taking currently commissions. :)

Makes me sad, but thank you for the reply, if you are ever open to commissions let me know. 

Hey there, Check out my new game I ussed some of ur assets:

Hello there ,
i really love your work and wanted to make my own units based on your work , i wanted to ask you if it was possible to use these models as a base and build upon them to make my own chars for my project ?


Thanks for asking and yes - you can do that, the license allows for adaptation for any purpose.

Thank you so much ! have an awesome day <3

what spacing is each frame of the animation. Like how do i split this up for unity


Each frame is 20px x 20px, there is no additional spacing between frames.


Hi, I downloaded the Micro Character Bases -, but it only contain the punch motion, can I get the idle, walk and dead motion, thanks.


All frames are in the ZIP file, I admit that this package is not organized perfectly.

Idle is the first frame (only one), for walk animation you have to use frames 1,2,1,3 in this order, punch animation is the only straightforward here and again the dead animation is the last frame (only one, also).

Thanks a lot.  Appreciate it.

Godbless you <3

I used this to make my game, great asset, thanks for sharing <3

Wow, I love how you fit together these sprites with background. Amazing!

Im curious what license it has, is it creative commons?

It's a available under CC BY 4.0 license.