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Hi, I downloaded the Micro Character Bases -, but it only contain the punch motion, can I get the idle, walk and dead motion, thanks.

All frames are in the ZIP file, I admit that this package is not organized perfectly.

Idle is the first frame (only one), for walk animation you have to use frames 1,2,1,3 in this order, punch animation is the only straightforward here and again the dead animation is the last frame (only one, also).

Thanks a lot.  Appreciate it.

Godbless you <3

I used this to make my game, great asset, thanks for sharing <3

Wow, I love how you fit together these sprites with background. Amazing!

you are amazing !

this character is so cute!

i did follow you !

follow me please!

Im curious what license it has, is it creative commons?

It's a available under CC BY 4.0 license.